Care and Passion

Gruppo Padovana offers a wide range of bookbinding services and graphical binding.

Assisting you in both development and design, we carry out all aspects of production, also covering various services such as cellophane wrapping, final logistics, and transport.

Our services are not limited just to supplies or manufacturing. They also include any possible preliminary consultation, with the goal of sharing all the information necessary to best meet your requests.


Starting with the initial estimate and analysis, our professionals work with you, providing constant technical support, suggesting and sharing the best choices.

Analysis and design

Our products cover all major forms of bookbinding and graphical binding.


Among our services, an essential tool for creating optimal graphical products is prototyping and sampling. Especially for specific or very particular products, the preliminary creation of sample copies means you can touch the end product with your hands, allowing you to analyse it and make further changes and/or adjustments. This brings the final quality closer to your needs.


Cellophane wrapping, mailing services, other related processes, and distribution with final transport round out our complete range of services.

Gruppo Padovana

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